Sunday, September 7, 2014

Reunited and it feels so good!

HE'S HOME!!!!!!

After a very long 9 months our little family is back together again! It's been a month now, but it feels like he never even left, we picked up right where we left off and this past month has flown by.  I wasn't sure he would get home on time since his flight leaving Afghanistan was delayed by 2 days, but he's here! This homecoming was a lot different than the last one 2 years ago. It was VERY small and there was less waiting. After our experience with the first deployment, he took his phone with him this time and kept me updated on where he was so I wouldn't have to wait on base for him for hours.

Once he got back, he had a 4 day weekend then went back to work for 5 days just to go to some classes before leave.  My mom came down to visit that Saturday and left Sunday just to see Jon. It rained all weekend and that next week. I met him on base during a break between classes to go to the gym, he said his final class wouldn't be long............oh but it was. I was left just roaming for about an hour in the PX and had this bright idea that we were going to randomly go to the beach so I bought the cheapest bathing suits and towels I could find and told him to meet me at the beach for the first sunny day we had. 

With all this rain, of course our dog had to go roll in the mud puddles every single day, and then whine when we would hose him down afterwards...

After his 5 days of classes, we went up to Maryland for 2 days to take Rocky to my mom's house so she could watch him while we were gone on post deployment leave. Luckily, the Cardinals were in town and we watched them play the Orioles! It was a HOT 1pm game.

Post Deployment Leave:

We decided to drive and visit his parents since we just went on a big vacation 5 months ago. First stop- Brandon, Mississippi to visit Jon's dad, step mom, & their 3 little rascals.  I've never been to Mississippi, so I was excited! We actually went during a cold front and it was only in the 80's-90's. 

4 year old selfies

We spent 1 night in New Orleans and all I have to say is we are definitely going to have to visit again.

We didn't stay here, I just like the clarinet

Beignets for breakfast

Our next stop was Jonesboro, Arkansas to visit Jon's mom and his grandparents. 

Next, we stopped in Nashville for a night on our way back home.  This is another place I HAVE to go back to. I LOVED it!!  Every place we walked by had a live band!

After Nashville, we headed to Maryland to pick up Rocky and then came back home to Jacksonville. Looks like we'll be staying here at least till early next year. We have extra bedrooms and are taking reservations now ;) haha but really come visit us!!! :)


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