Friday, July 11, 2014

The Second Half of Deployment

R&R is over and this last half of deployment is slowly but surely coming to an end.  It is coming to an end much faster because it is actually ending early!!!  I am currently trying to get a home for us so I can move everything in before Jon gets home.  Finding rentals near Camp Lejeune are extremely stressful; as soon as a house goes up for rent, it is rented out.  It is even harder when you live 6 hours away!  But anyways, here's what we've been up to since R&R!

In May, Rocky got me flowers for Mother's Day & I went up to New York for Memorial Day Weekend to visit my friend, Jen.

June was very exciting! I went to quite a few Orioles games. June 1st was our 1 year wedding anniversary!! I sent Jon a care package with a slice of our wedding cake in it so we would be able to eat it together! By the time it got there all the icing melting into the cake and he said it was really sweet..mine tasted good though :) June 13th-15th I flew to Missouri for my brother in law's wedding & it was also my birthday weekend!

Jon's little brothers & sister

Me & Jon's cousin, Sam
Before the wedding
Talking to Jon on the phone!
First Dance

July 1st, Jon got promoted to Captain! I'm upset I couldn't be there again for his promotion..seems like he will only get promoted during deployments lol. 

July 2nd, the girls in my family took a trip up to NYC for the day! It was crazy hot but we went to Serendipity and got the most delicious frozen hot chocolate, walked around a little bit, saw Pippin on Broadway (AMAZING) & when to John's Pizzeria for dinner.  Then, of course 4th of July we had a big family cookout & get together because it was my cousins last family cookout for a while since he left for India a couple days later! The guys in Afghanistan were hoping to have a 4th of July cookout, but it didn't plan out. They ended up eating dinner at the chow hall, but they had "better" food there that day. They also had a 5 mile motto run that day & we got to Skype! 

I have finally found us a home to rent!!!! It took FOREVER, but now it's over and all I have to do is find people to help me move in lol but I'm so excited to be living together again and to decorate our new place! We have tons of extra rooms, so come visit!

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